Ahh acting in the time of Coronavirus...

Live theatre may be on pause but VO is booming!

For the past year, I've been working on this delightful animated program for kids, Treasure Trekkers, where I play a small, adventurous mouse named Mo! 

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Check out this series preview and stay tuned for when episodes are available!

You may recognize this voice, encouraging you to keep the planet clean, one less plastic cleaning bottle at a time.

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So happy to have helped to promote BLUELAND, a new eco-friendly cleaning product - as seen on SHARK TANK!

You may also recognize my sarcastic mouthpiece in this very witty and perhaps panic attack inducing, audio narration I recorded for

Columbia College Today... 

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All about the horrors of an overflowing email inbox! Timely, no?

And I've been writin' up a storm!

I've steadily been adding a number of new works to my catalog of original musicals for children!

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The Game Room, (book and lyrics) written in collaboration with Lindsay Anderson (book and lyrics) and Ben Diskant (music) was successfully produced twice in the past 6 months by Brooklyn Children's Theatre!

Check out samples HERE!


The Taming of Romeo and Juliet, (book and lyrics) written in collaboration with Dionne McClain Freeney (music) and a buch of awesome Brooklyn Children's Theatre kids, had a virtual play reading via zoom last month! 

Audio book version of the full script can be found here: 

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Additional recent works include: 

Jane Bend and Coppertoes, (book and lyrics) written in collaboration with Lawrence Rush (music) and

Scouts! (book and lyrics) written in collaboration with  Fernanda Douglass (music) and

Lauren Ruff (book and lyrics)

Check out some samples HERE!

I had an amazing run with 

Big Apple Circus in Lincoln Center, performing in a brand-new, joyful, whimsical, and immersive clown show, The Fairgrounds.

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We were even a New York Times Critics Pick!

And I'm still reeling from runnin' off and joinin' the circus...


"Cassidy is a natural clown..."  Connie Meng, North Country Public Radio

"You're certain to surprise and even frighten yourself..." 8Players, Time Out New York

"Dermott brings a manic energy to her performance as Emma..." Tom Salitsky, Adirondack Daily Enterprise

"Cassidy's small stature doesn't hold her back from filling the stage with swagger..." Diane Chase, Adirondack Family Time

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