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I am a recurring character in a delightful animated program for kids,

Treasure Trekkers, where I play a small, adventurous, mouse named Mo! 

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Check out this series preview and full episodes on the samples/reels page!

I've been working with Columbia College Today on several new VO projects like the following, new DID YOU KNOW? series,

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offering insights into sites found around Columbia's campus!

And I produced the audio for the following work, of a Columbia College alumnus...

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a comedic audio short about the horrors of an overflowing email inbox!

Humorous or terrifying?!

You may also recognize my voice, encouraging you to keep the planet clean, with one less plastic cleaning bottle at a time.

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So honored to have helped to promote BLUELAND, a new eco-friendly cleaning product - as seen on SHARK TANK!

And the newest addition to the ever expanding catalogue of the Anderson Dermott Diskant writing team is The Game Room, a joyful original musical reminding us that a game is the best way to come together and spend quality time. Click HERE for samples! 

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8Players 2016
Taming of the Shrew 2016


"Cassidy is a natural clown..."

 Connie Meng, North Country Public Radio

"A Critic's Pick: ...a little more joy is loosed upon the city." Alexis Soloski, New York Times

"You're certain to surprise and even frighten yourself..." 8Players, Time Out New York

"Dermott brings a manic energy to her performance as Emma..."

Tom Salitsky, Adirondack Daily Enterprise

"Cassidy's small stature doesn't hold her back from filling the stage with swagger..."

Diane Chase, Adirondack Family Time

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