I'm a petite and fiery character 

actor, singer, and clown,

quick with a self-depricating quip to lighten the mood,

who believes that the art of story-telling 

and performance can (and will) change the world.

You could type me as an awkward girl-next door, a Type-A, take-no-bullshit class president, a bleeding-heart bohemian-activist, and a rookie young professional with a troubled past.



I'm kinda, sorta most of those types IRL, 

except for the thing about the 

troubled past...

sub/Urban Photography

I am a Brooklyn based performer, writer and teaching artist originally from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Dance from Dickinson College 

and I am a proud alumnus of the Headlong Performance Institute (HPI),  in Philadelphia.

While a student at HPI, I received specialized training in physical theatre:

mask work, Commedia dell'Arte and clown and fell in love with that spark of magic and wonder that physical theatre, mask theatre, and puppet theatre are able to so easily employ to bring stories and characters to life.


This magic and wonder informs and shapes not only my life but my life's work as an artist.

I treasure the valuable tool of collaboration and have helped to create and bring to life several original, devised works throughout my career, which have been featured in fringe festivals, workshops and readings across the Mid-Atlantic.  Since my formal studies, I have also enjoyed the opportunity to perform professionally in my home state of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey

and (my new home state!) New York, in projects ranging from new works to Shakespeare and from children's theatre to film.

I LOVE sharing my passion for the magic of theatre with others which makes me a natural advocate for arts education.  

I have taught drama for children as young as 5, in after school programs and theatre camps with companies like Theatre Horizon, Rehoboth Summer Children's Theatre, Pendragon Theatre, Brooklyn Children's Theatre and KJK Productions

I have also returned to my alma mater, Dickinson College, as a teaching artist, where I've lead workshops for current undergraduate students in fully embodied performance technique.

I'm an animal lover, a cheese enthusiast and more often than not, I can be found talking in silly voices and laughing at my own jokes.  

Zack Garlitos Photography

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